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It was right at the start of this year that Connie & Han Lee contacted us all the way from South Korea saying that they wanted to hire our photography services for their Honeymoon trips in Europe. In the course of email exchanges throughout the past few months we grew more and more excited to meet this incredibly friendly couple in person. When we met at the Munich airport we hit it off right away and we got to know each other while heading to Füssen, a beautiful Bavarian town where we were to start our Honeymoon photo- session the very next day. Best known for the celebrated Neushwainstein Castle, the town of Füssen also amazes its visitors with the richness of its natural beauty of rocky mountains and turquoise tinted lakes.
So we couldn´t be more excited to head down with our cameras and capture some of these stunning surroundings with Connie & Han Lee. And despite the overcast weather and occasional drizzles the newly- weds were so at ease at being followed by two crazy photographers :)
We could be going on, on how amazing few days we had with this sweet pair but space should be given to some of our favourites from the first day photo-shoot. Day two pictures coming soon, cause for now, doing some last preps to meet our couple in the City of Love. 😉 A bientôt!

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