Indian Hindu Wedding Penha Longa Portugal
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We are thrilled to be back on our blog to feature stunning Anjali and James´s 2nd day of their Wedding celebration (1st day). Right from the early morning we were welcomed by a sun gloriously shining through the Sintra hills- totally intuned with the gorgeous couple-fresh and ready for another full day of festivities! When we met Anjali and James in the morning, they were surrounded by family and friends happily arranging last minute preparations, and being on a call for anything the couple needed. One particular thing that Fábio and I thought was touching, was the relationship between the couple and their closest friends and families. Not only do they have a wonderful relationship between their own closest family members, but they have so much love, kindness, comfort and mutual respect between one another´s family and friends. It is truly inspiring for us to see through our lenses new family growing in such a happy and mutually loving environment!

And the love reflected on the happiness over celebrating the Hindu Wedding ceremony. With James´s lively entrance to the Mandap, the celebration followed with cheers, smiles and beautifully calm wedding ceremony. We will never forget James´s awe when he saw his beautiful bride when the separating curtain was taken down. “Amazing… amazing… amazing” he said, and the couples eyes met with loving unity and happiness. What a moment!!!

After the beautiful ceremony and some family portrait taking, we stole the couple for some couple portrait pictures in and around the picturesque Penha Longa corners. By this time Anjali and James were professional models and they seemed so comfortable and happy in that role! 🙂

After a couple of hours´ break, preparations for wedding reception commenced. Once again we met with the pair, now fully married, while they were getting ready this time in the same room and with the help of one another 🙂 How gorgeous they both looked! Traditionally, we took our couple for some portrait session, and as it was the last photo-shoot of all, I suddenly realized how much Fábio and I were going to miss photographing this stunning duo! Luckily we had a whole evening to enjoy in their presence in a happy togetherness with their family and friends.

The reception dinner was intertwined with fun and heartfelt speeches that allowed us to get to know Anjali and James even more. We also learned about one of James´s biggest fears…snakes…and how his mates “took care” of that fear by inviting to the wedding reception quite a particular “guest”. When I saw the snake around James´s neck I felt both admiration and compassion. Although snakes don´t really scare me much,  imaging a hairy spider on my neck causes me nausea…so I don´t think I would put such a brave face as James did :).  When the slithering guest was safely gone…the party proceeded for a cake cutting which followed by dancing till the dusk hours.

Those two days, though intense didn´t feel at all like work, but rather like celebration of love and happiness of close family and friends. And it was clear to us that being Anjali and James´s friend meant being very very blessed!

Dear Anjali and James…you are such caring souls and we have so much love for you! Your love transpires and inspires us as couple and as photographers! You guys were responsible for one of the most memorable moments we’ve ever experienced at a wedding! So from the bottom of our hearts thank you so much for the amazing two days. Thank you for your trust, cooperation, kindness and for being those beautiful souls that bless everyone around you! We would like to finish by taking the liberty and citing a gorgeous quote that one of Anjali´s sisters recited during her speech honouring the couple:

“Separately, you are two special and remarkable people, but together you are complete. As you sit side by side through this roller coaster of life, remember to scream from the peaks, hold hands through the dips, laugh through the loops, and enjoy every twist and turn; For the ride is much better when you share it together.

Thank you Anjali and James! Much happiness to you and your family and friends!
Please come back to see us in Portugal when you´ve got a chance!

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