Palácio dos Antónios Casamentos
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Meet Esmeralda and Pedro: wonderful couple, exemplary parents, considerate friends and beautiful people, inside and out.
Today seems like the most perfect day to share this couple´s wedding. It is a warm, glorious day, and the sun generously gives us the array of sunrays that feel so comforting at this time of a year 🙂

There is a fun story on how we “met” Esmeralda. It was about a year prior to the wedding that our friend and a great MUA Rebecca has sent us a DM, happily announcing that we and her were going to be working together on Esmeralda´s wedding and that everything is already booked. When I read the DM both Fábio and myself (Maria) were slightly confused, because not only were we not booked for the date in question, but we had not known any lady by the gorgeous name : Esmeralda.
Fastforward a few weeks the bride had contacted us, and we learned that behind the lovely name there is even more beautiful lady whose stamina, generosity and love for life and others emanates.
Our initial contact was limited to emails as the bride and her husband to be both live in Angola. But once we met in person, this time also getting to know Pedro, our contact was more frequent, and the couple warmly invited us to be a part of their wedding website where we were informed of any wedding planning updates.
On the wedding day, we met the couples´immediate family, friends and we instantly felt like a part of the adorable group . On that day we also met Esmeralda and Pedro´s  two adorable sons, and let me tell you…both Esmeralda and Pedro are the most exemplary and loving parents. The attention and patience that they give to the two boys immediately reflects back in the way those boys treat others- with utmost respect, care and love. In fact, Esmeralda and Pedro did tell us during our very first meeting that family is the ever most important aspect of their life, and they wanted their wedding to reflect just that. And they definitely had succeeded because if their wedding photographers felt like a part of a family, there must have been something very special 🙂
After the wedding ceremony at the Palacio dos Antonios´ garden, the happy crowd never left the newly weds unattended. One of the highlights of the evening was a surprise performance by the Angolan Kizomba band “Os Garimpeiros”. Fantabulous DJ Aly Neto ( you really should check thig guy´s facebook page, he is something else!!) incessantly played the best Angolan, Brazilian and popular tunes, never leaving the dance floor unattended 🙂
I was undoubtedly an unforgettable afternoon that we´ll cherish in our hearts and memory.
We have no words to say how blessed and grateful we are to have met some of the most amazing couples,  and Esmeralda and Pedro definitely has stolen our hearts. We couldn´t leave out giving a special thanks to lovely girls: Malú, Ana, Vanuza, Soraia among many others. You girls were amazing in keeping us informed and made us feel like a part of the family 🙂
Esmeralda and Pedro, thank you for being just like the Emerald, shining precious souls that emanate love, patience, persistence and dedication! We feel blessed to have met you! May your beautiful family grow in happiness always!

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