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Small, intimate elopements are fun and we get to connect closely with most guests, but big weddings are equally enjoyable for their dynamics and vivacity.  And if they have a beautiful mix of cultures blending together, the day sparkles 🙂 Such was Aditi and Jerónimo´s beautiful wedding.
Since our first contact with Jerónimo based then in Tokyo, our Skype calls and emails were running from across the Globe: Portugal-Japan-USA-INDIA, and as the wedding date was approaching we got more and more excited to photograph this lovely couple´s union.
Spring came early for these two, and we couldn’t have had a more beautiful day in an early March to receive Aditi´s family coming all the way  from India, and to celebrate the emotional and spiritual bondage. Both wedding ceremony and a reception took place at the Penha Longa Resort, and once again we had the privileged to witness that there are no cultural or religious boundaries when it comes to a true love!

Dear Aditi and Jerónimo, we feel blessed and honoured to have been  one of the first hand witnesses of your beautiful wedding! We wish you an abundance of blessings and happiness for the years to come!

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