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What a wonderful two days in the precious company of Anjali and James! Words aren´t our strongest, so it is hard for us to express just how blessed Fábio and I have felt witnessing and documenting through our lenses, the amazing celebration of the couple´s love for one another and for others. Anjali and James not only have supplied wonderful and rich colours to their wedding festivities, but they brought so much joy to everyone around them! We still seem to be under the spell of those amazing two days, and as we have been editing the photogaphs, we found ourselves smiling without even noticing that we did so. 😉 You see… going through the pictures really seems to transport us back to a very special place and some unique, lovely moments.

The first day of the couple´s two-day celebration awakened with a misty fog over the Penha Longa hills and a cool breeze,  which is very typical for Sintra even on a Summer day. The couple decided to start their first day celebration by honouring James´s Catholic roots and so the morning commenced with everyone gathering at Penha Longa´s charming little chapel. It was so endearing to see James growing nervousness as he awaited his beautiful bride walk down the asile. And when the two met at the altar their love for one another and happiness for the moment was shinging through! During the ceremony the sky seemed to have opened up and the rays of sun had penetrated the Chapel´s cupula, illuminating  the beautiful bride with a surprising presision. 🙂 And a little word on Anjali´s astounding beauty…she really is this gorgeous in person. But it seems that her outer beauty reflects her loving and beautiful inside. And the couple has such a positive energy around them that people in their presence feel happy and special. 🙂
After heartfelt exchange of vows, petals throwing and greetings of the happy newly weds, the guests proceeded to have their lunch and prepare for a second part of the day: the Mehndi and Sangeet evening. Meanwhile we stole our couple for some portrait pictures. 🙂

The second part of Anjali and James´s celebration day started with us meeting the stunning pair already dressed in their traditional Indian wedding outfits. Being photographers gives us the honour to be one of the first to see the bride and groom in their beautiful attires. We sneaked out for some portrait pictures around the iconic Nuncio Garden which would be the venue for their Hindu Wedding the following day. Meanwhile at the Penha Longa courtyard the guests already enjoyed some drinks, ladies had their Mehndi done and a delicious typical Indian food was served.  The evening was full of festivity, highlighted by James´s and the bridesmaids and best men dance performance, which fantastically marked the official start of Sangeet.
There was so much happy togetherness, laughs, selfie taking and vibrancy of colours and we loved capturing the excitement of the celebration! What a day! 😀

The couple was so kind to offer us accommodation at the gorgeous Penha Longa resort during the time of their wedding. So when our memory cards was pretty much filled with capturing that wonderful day, we went to get some rest and prepare for the continuation of Anjali and James´s wedding festivities the following day!

Thank you Anjali and James for the amazing day! It was a thrill and honour to be a part of it! Enjoy another sneak peek and we can’t wait to show more very soon!

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