Quinta de Sant´Ana Weddings
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If there is something Fábio and myself (Maria) couldn´t possibly live without, it would be a daily dose of a good laugh. For us, it is the best cure for daily stress, homesickness, marital disagreements and even flu (yes, ginger tea and garlic syrup wouldn´t suffice for us without a dosage of F.R.I.E.N.D.S episodes while combating the Winter colds 😉 ) So laughter has been the universal medicine for us and such an vital part of our daily life that we go to great lengths to have a daily dosage of it ( read: there isn´t a week that Fábio and I wouldn´t play little pranks on each other 😀 )

So when we met Dominique and Ian we knew this couple has something very special. Not only are they so in love and perfect for one another, but their sense of humour is just second to nobody 🙂 And the best proof of that are the bursts of laughter and giggles everytime they´re around people.

We first connected with the fun-loving duo via Skype just before Christmas of last year, then we caught up while they were in Lisbon back in March. Both chefs and working in their fields, we spent most of our meeting talking about the ups and downs of being a professional cook (I ´ve always been fascinated by that profession). We had such a lovely couple of hours and Dominique & Ian are such a joy to be around, that we had really been looking forward to catching up again with them on their wedding day and meet their family and friends!
For their wedding venue, they picked one of our ever favourite locations, the lovely Quinta de Sant´Ana. Located in the quiet village of Gradil, and overlooking Vineyard´s hills it is such a perfect venue for an intimate and romantic wedding like Dominique & Ian´s.
Their wedding day had just the right amount of sunshine, and an amazing breeze that kept guests perfectly cool on the August day. It started typically with the couple getting together with their respective family and friends to prepare for the festive day. The wedding ceremony took place at the field overlooking the Vine hills. The area was beautifully decorated by the Quinta de Sant´Ana team with meadow flowers which perfectly complemented the “nature” feel to the place. Oh how much we love that venue!

The love and joy-filled ceremony was followed by some food and wine tasting and family and couple portraits. The dinner was accompanied by hilarious speeches where we got to know the couple and their story a little bit more. Then the happy party proceeded downstairs the barn area for cake cutting and dancing to some great 80ties and 90tunes! What a party! Definitely a day we will remember: so fun yet relaxed, with Ian constantly cracking jokes (Fábio and I never laughed so much at any wedding as we did at this) , and Dominique´s sweet and loving demeanour making us so at ease to photograph at different angles for the best shot 🙂 They laugh a lot, and are just so darn adorable together.

Dear Dominique and Ian, thank you both for having us take part on your special day! Your laugh and playfulness is second to nobody and glues people together in happiness. You two are made for each other and we wish you nothing but happiness and love in your life as Mr and Mrs Daw!

Thank you again!! You guys rock!


Quinta de Santana Weddings

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