Quinta de São Gonçalo Casamento
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We´re excited to finally be back on our blog, first time this year and with many more gorgeous wedding features yet to come. It´s been a busy month for us, but busy in the most relaxing meaning of it, as we had spent it visiting the Polish side of our family for Christmas, New Year 🙂 The recharging of our batteries was needed, and we´re finally back to our adored Portugal, ready to embark on yet another promising year with gorgeous weddings on the horizon.

Today we´ve got a really beautiful wedding to share, with so many fun and adorable moments and details, carefully prepared by fun loving Sandra and Francisco. You might still remember the couple from our blog feature of their engagement session in Viana do Castelo,  where we spent a very enjoyable afternoon with the two, getting to know them and doing a little bit of sightseeing and delicious pastry savouring 🙂
They got married at Quinta de São Gonçalo, with a sweet outdoor ceremony and a fun reception that followed. It was the first time we had the pleasure of working in this cute Alenquer venue which has so much character and beauty around, that it can cater for a wide variety of wedding styles : from modern chique to vintage romantic by the nearby lake or vineyards.
Sandra was a beautiful bride in her open back wedding gown which she had made at the talented tailor Pureza Mello Breyner Atelier.
The wedding theme was movies, and you could see the couple´s natural flair for art and creativity in the way they´ve had the table markers made, where in each marker Sandra and Francisco actually represented the corresponding movie´s lead characters 🙂 .

Now, it has to be said, this wedding was extra special to us given the fact that Francisco is a very talented photographer with some wedding photography experience on his shoulders.  It is needless to say that the whole honour was ours to be picked up by another fellow photographer, to fill such a grand post.

Thank you so much Sandra and Francisco for your trust, kindness and all the great moments we got to share with you ! We wish you an abundance of happiness for the years to come! Quinta de São Gonçalo Casamento

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