Quinta do Miratejo Casamentos - quinta com vista para Rio Tejo
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After nearly two month absence from the blog due to our holiday break in Poland, we are thrilled to be returning back to our blog with such a sun-kissed wedding full of fun, festivity and celebration of love, family and friendship!
Renata and Wilton tied the knot in mid-summer of last year at a beautiful Quinta do Miratejo and if a bride and groom could order a perfect wedding day, this would be it: perfect summer day, family and closest friends travelling across Europe and the Atlantic Ocean, and perfect hospitality of vendors that made this day ever so memorable!
We only had the pleasure of meeting Renata a few months after she has contracted us. It is not common for us to book a wedding without getting to know the couple first, so initially, we were a bit wary whether the couple and us would be on the same wavelength. But the minute we met Renata we hit it off straight away. Beautiful, glamorous and stylish, but yet somehow sweetly shy, Renata has captured our heart with her timid demeanour and sweet personality! It is so important for us as photographers to feel the trust from our clients, and the bride to be has shown it right away, which was a great honour as her stylish taste makes her really know what she wants. So after a couple of hours of getting to know each other and hearing about the wedding plans, we were fully acquainted with the wedding plans and very excited for the day to finally arrive!
The wedding was extra special to us as it was organized by our dear friend and amazing event planner Liliam Miranda, whose work we´ve always admired! We have had the chance to work alongside Liliam on other projects, but this was our first wedding together. We cannot say enough just how easy and enjoyable Liliam has managed to make our work. Her happy and confident demeanour made that sunny day with even more light and she has the gift of making eveyone around her welcomed and happy! She has selected the best team to attend the couple, that not only provided the most professional service but were an absolute pleasure to work alongside with. Another special aspect of this wedding was the lovely venue! Located right at a hill overlooking the Tagus river, Quinta do Miratejo made the perfect setting for a beautiful ceremony with Lisbon´s Belém as a background. The venue is literally a stone´s throw from our apartment, so it was great to be home within minutes after the party has finished.
The wedding festivities all happened at the Quinta where the couple got ready. Then Renata, accompanied by her eldest son met her future husband at the beautifully decorated altar. Since half of the guests were Dutch the ceremony was simultaneously translated. We found it very interesting as oftentimes, non-Portuguese speaking guests tend to miss out on some of the inspiring words being said either by the pastor, priest or the couple itself.
After the ceremony, some cocktail drinks and portrait pictures the happy party proceeded for dinner with long hours of great party resembling the Brazilian Carnaval festivities, with live music and beautiful Samba dancers cheering the crowd, and bringing so much exotic vibe that one felt like being right in the middle of Rio de Janeiro!  What a party!
Thank you dear Renata and Wilton for such a memorable day! You are such a stylish and lovely couple and it has been a real pleasure to photograph your wedding and your happiness together. Your trust, cooperation and kindness will be guarded in our hearts! Obrigada Renata & Dank Je Wilton!
And last but not least, thank you so much dear Liliam for entrusting your dear clients to us! We feel very honoured to be selected by you to make a part of a team handpicked by you with so much care and dedication! Thanks to your tireless dedication this wedding did not feel like work but like a opportunity for us to excersise our photography talent. May God bless you and your future projects and we hope that our paths will cross again soon!
Quinta do Miratejo Casamentos
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