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Filipa and Afonso are kind, caring, and fun loving couple. They booked us for their winter wedding, and it was the best way to seal off our wedding season with the two love birds´ nuptials.  One of the favourite parts of the day was our portrait photography session at the Monastery of Batalha. We never had the chance to visit the Gothic world heritage, and so being allowed inside after visiting hours was a real treat, not only for our artistic hearts, but also for our souls.

Throughout the wedding day, it was lovely to see the two families blending and getting to know each other, and you could feel their genuine love and well wishing to the happy newly weds.

Few months prior to their big day, we met Filipa and Afonso for an engagement session in Baía do Seixal, a place of the couple´s daily walks and some sweet dating memories.

Dear Filipa and Afonso, thank you for allowing us to photograph your wedding. It was such a joy to capture your love and to share in a small part of your journey.

Filipa&Afonso_sessao-fabioazanha-042 Filipa&Afonso_sessao-fabioazanha-075 Filipa&Afonso_sessao-fabioazanha-108 Filipa&Afonso-casamento-fabioazanha-0020 Filipa&Afonso-casamento-fabioazanha-0032Filipa&Afonso-casamento-fabioazanha-0047Filipa&Afonso-casamento-fabioazanha-0049 Filipa&Afonso-casamento-fabioazanha-0605 Filipa&Afonso-casamento-fabioazanha-0265 Filipa&Afonso-casamento-fabioazanha-0274 Filipa&Afonso-casamento-fabioazanha-0323 Filipa&Afonso-casamento-fabioazanha-0335 Filipa&Afonso-casamento-fabioazanha-0387 casamento-mosteiro-da-batalha-0393  casamento-mosteiro-da-batalha-0444 Filipa&Afonso-casamento-fabioazanha-0449 Filipa&Afonso-casamento-fabioazanha-0455casamento-mosteiro-da-batalha-0576 Filipa&Afonso-casamento-fabioazanha-0494 Filipa&Afonso-casamento-fabioazanha-0520 casamento-mosteiro-da-batalha-0523     casamento-mosteiro-da-batalha-0608 Filipa&Afonso-casamento-fabioazanha-1040 Filipa&Afonso-casamento-fabioazanha-1044 casamento-mosteiro-da-batalha-0585Filipa&Afonso-casamento-fabioazanha-1198 Filipa&Afonso-casamento-fabioazanha-1224 Filipa&Afonso-casamento-fabioazanha-1271 Filipa&Afonso-casamento-fabioazanha-1294 Filipa&Afonso-casamento-fabioazanha-1296Filipa&Afonso_sessao-fabioazanha-282

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