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We are thrilled to debut our first Indian Engagement ceremony on our blog. We met Sarah and Vasco few months ago and we couldn´t help noticing how much in love they are. Sarah´s Indian roots prompt them to follow the beautiful tradition of having the celebration of Chundri where the family and friends pay tribute to the weded-to-be by giving them their blessings and respect. The beautiful fashion model and a bride-to-be dazzled everyone with the stunning Saree that was brought for the occasion all the way from India. The ceremony was followed by Pithi which is a pre-nuptial celebration where the couple has a turmeric paste rubbed on their skin as a way of purifying and preparing for a matrimony. The afternoon was coordinated by Shee Va- family friend and a great host. All the ceremony was accompanied by beautiful singing of Indian singer Ruby and the famous DJ Kamal provided for a fantastic party
Since this is our debut Indian Wedding documentary we decided to present it in a video form, so you could get a better feel of how amazing the evening had been.

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Ficha técnica: Sana Malhoa Hotel | Music by: Bunty Aur Babi – Kajra Re


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