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One of the favourite aspects of our profession are the endless opportunities to meet the most caring, interesting, life-loving people from all parts of the world, and  Elçin and Sinan were no different. They came all the way from Istanbul for their Portugal elopement which they shared with their family and friends. It isn´t the first time we´ve had the pleasure of photographing someone from Turkey. The beautiful Ayça, whose destination wedding we photographed last year, is Elçin and Sinan´s compatriot, and our experience with her was just as pleasant.
Since the first moment of the photography coverage when our couple arrived at their wedding venue, they graciously gave us total control of the artistic side to capture the epic love, which made our job so easy because these two little birds were just so sweet to capture. Knowing however, that back home they both hold media posts connected to art, made us a little bit more nervous. But Elçin and Sinan´s light way of being, and incessantly vivacious and welcoming family and friends around made us totally at ease 🙂
They had a registry wedding at Turkish consulate a couple of days earlier, and they chose the Monserrate Palace to host their celebration with family and friends. There couldn´t have been a more perfect spot in Sintra to make the most romantic background for such an intimate wedding.

The breathlessly beautiful and elegant couple arrived there by horses and carriage, and at this point it was our first personal contact. We then proceeded to have our little palace tour and session. Closest family and friends waited for us patiently at the piano room, before Elçin and Sinan met them and symbolically exchanged their wedding vows once again. 

The reception followed by a cheerful conviviality accompanied by dancing, singing, happy banter, and the adorable little crowd made every effort to make us feel a part of the party.
Thank you so much dear Elçin and Sinan for all your kindness, trust and friendship! We sincerely hope we´ll have the honour of meeting you one day again, be it Portugal or Turkey 🙂 Love and blessings from us  to you and your family and friends!

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