Nuncio Garden Penha Longa Wedding Photography
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When our clients come to Portugal for their destination weddings, it is not often that we get to meet them and spend more time in their precious company once again after their  nuptials . So when moody weather conditions didn´t allow us to have Sonija and Jon´s pre-wedding engagement session, they decided to have their post wedding portraits taken  at the grounds of their wedding location: beautiful Penha Longa Golf Resort at the scenic Sintra region.

When we arrived to the Resort the couple was just saying goodbye to their family heading to the airport to fly back to Hong Kong and UK. Seeing them in an emotional embrace had taken us back to the challenging moments when we have to part our ways with our families back in Poland and Brazil.

So after we´ve taken some more photos of the leaving family and bidding them farewell, we hopped on one of the Golf Resort electric cars and went first to the Penha Longa Nuncio garden to take some portrait pictures. The weather was just perfect that day: cloudy, a bit breezy giving us a perfect light. We love how Sonija´s red dress had contrasted with the Nuncio Garden´s ancient walls and the Autumn foliage. We next went to the Atlantic Golf Course at Penha Longa Resort to make the most of the scenic ancient Roman Aqueduct cutting through the Golf course. It was actually a perfect location for the two as Jon is a passionate golf player himself, and Sonija´s romantic soul found the natural beauty and the antique touch of the place stunning. It was a lovely afternoon and the couple´s great spontaneity and sweet chemistry made it so easy for us.

Thank you Sonija and Jon for entrusting us the honour to photograph your important life events! We wish you an abundance of happiness for the years to come and we hope you guys drop by sometimes to this side of Europe in one of your trips.Nuncio Garden Penha Longa Wedding Session Sintra Portugal PhotographyPortugal Wedding VenuePenha Longa Wedding Session Penha Longa Wedding Session Sintra Portugal PhotographySintra Destination WeddingNuncio Garden Sintra Portugal Wedding Penha LongaDestination Wedding Portugal Wedding Photographer Portugal

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