Penha Longa Destination Weddings
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We are excited to be back on our blog today showcasing this beautiful Penha Longa Destination wedding.

Sonija and Jon had contacted us last year for their Fall wedding at the beautiful Sintra golf resort, and we were delighted to have been picked by this lovely couple to register their special day. They live and work in Australia but Sonija´s originally from Hong Kong while Jon is a British national. They chose Portugal as a ground for their nuptials so that their respective families could easily commute and meet for this special occasion. And for Jon being a passionate golf player, the Penha Longa golf resort was a perfect venue to celebrate his marriage to stunning Sonija.
Sintra weather is always said to be very unpredictable. It could have easily been dark and rainy, but instead it was warm and the sun was shining brightly  throughout the day, beautifully contrasting with the still full in green foliage, giving us a gorgeous backdrop for some of the post wedding portraits.
We loved the intimacy of the wedding and some of the favourite details of the day were the meaningful gifts the couple gave each other.  One of them being a Tiffany and Co. Infinity bracelet that Jon had given Sonija, while she in turn gifted him with Infinity Cuff links from the very same shop. To each other´s even bigger surprise, they also got each other the exactly same card to go with the presents. Coincidence? Well, in the Chinese language the word “Coincidence” has another meaning similar to ” destined for life” or “meant to be”… 🙂 And we personally feel ther the sweet pair is really meant to be! They are intentional, kind and so much fun!

We got to find out a bit more about the couple through the heartfelt speeches at dinner, but also at the beautiful wedding ceremony, wonderfully conducted by Jörg Helms from the Wedding Company.
With Sonija growing up in Hong Kong , they wanted their wedding day to be a meaningful combination of both western and Asian tradition, so during the wedding they´ve incorporated the tradition of Chinese Tea ceremony which is a formal way  to introduce the bride to the groom’s family. Traditionally, the Chinese tea also symbolizes people’s wishes for loyal love and a happy marriage, and we witnessed some sweet cultural and family bonding there while Sonija´s brides maids helped to serve the tea.

It was a truly beautiful wedding and we feel very fortunate to have the opportunity to document it through our lenses.  Thank you so much dear Sonija and Jon for granting us the honour!

Our next blog post will feature the couple´s post wedding portraits at the gorgeous venue. So stay tuned 🙂

Penha Longa Destination Wedding      


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