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A super busy start of our wedding season, client meetings and a working trip to Asia had kept us slightly absent from our blog and social media updates. However, we could never have felt luckier to be having yet another blessed year, where we´re surrounded with the loveliest of couples and families.
Zhuang and Chen were definitely among them with their sweet, timid charm, generous hearts, and so much of that love chemistry that newly wedded couples have around them. They came all the way from China, to spend some four days in Portugal, with only two of them dedicated to getting to know the capital city. So we felt particularly privileged to be their honeymoon photographers, and small tour guides too 🙂

A very early start paid off, as few minutes to our picture taking the sky cleared off with the loveliest rainbow, something Zhuang and Chen rarely experienced before 🙂  In fact the couple picked up the best day for their session,  as many days that followed marked one of the rainiest and tempestuous Spring weeks if this year.

After Lisbon´s Old town, lunch and a rest, we´ve taken our couple over to get to know Cabo da Roca and  Pena Palace. As always we had been well received not only by the  friendly Palace personnel, but also by the onlooking tourists.  We  had a little bit less luck with the weather, as a strong wind hadn´t stopped for a moment it´s tempestuous character, but Zhuang and Chen didn´t lose their great spirits and continued giving us the best of their personalities 🙂

Thank you Zhuang and Chen for such a lovely day together! Make sure to let us know whenever you´re around again!

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