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We received a short but sweet email from Inga back in August  last year. Somehow, I remember the bride´s first message, partly because we were just on our leave  to photograph our honeymoon couple in Florence, and partly because of the captivating tone of Inga´s email, which sustained throughout all of her messages, till the very last one we exchanged when they confirmed the receipt of their wedding photos. I remember saying to Fábio, “we´re not letting the author of this lovely letter go anywhere”, right before grabbing our photography gear and leaving the  hotel to meet our newly weds from China.
And when they say that first impressions last, I´m usually quite sceptical, but this time the saying lived up to its meaning. Right from the start Inga and Nuno had captivated our hearts with their warmth, great sense of humour and contagious positivity!
Both living and working in Inga´s  homeland  Germany, they had planned pretty much all their big day from a distance. Our first face to face contact only happened on the eve of the couple´s wedding, when we met for their engagement session in Lisbon city centre. I wouldn´t say that the weather was all on our side, as the start of May had welcomed everyone with some heavy spring showers. The couple´s positive spirits didn´t perish even on their wedding day, when initially  it looked like we wouldn´t be seeing any sun rays that day.  After a heartfelt wedding ceremony at the Coconuts by the Sea,  just like a blessing from heavens, the sky had cleared up and the Sun had pierced through tempestuous clouds, which enabled us to sneak out quickly and take some portrait photos with the happy newly weds.

The party celebrating the lovely couple´s union continued in full blow even at the hour of our leaving, so here we´d like to share with you some highlights of the gorgeous day, and also some frames from the Lisbon engagement session.

Dear Inga and Nuno, thank you ever so much for entrusting us the pleasure to photograph your moments with your families and friends. We´re already missing your “smiley” emails and are looking forward to meeting up with you whenever you´re around.  Lot´s of happiness for the years to come!! 

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